• KCS West Services

General Contracting

KCS West performs traditional general contracting starting with collaborative preconstruction services. We join the project team concurrent with the selection of the architect/engineers, and contribute to all phases of project planning, providing estimates, value management, site logistics planning, phasing planning, equipment procurement, scheduling, and other services as appropriate. The preconstruction phase typically concludes with the provision of a Guaranteed Maximum Price.

KCS West will hire and supervise all subcontractors as well as coordinate all job-site activities related to the construction of the project. Our project managers and superintendents understand the importance of communication with the owner and architect during the construction process and provide a structured means to maintain the information flow. KCS West prides itself in exceeding all construction fundamentals: cost control, schedule control, quality control, subcontractor management, communication, and safety.


KCS West is unique among our competitors because our company began as a full-service design-builder when we started our operations in California in 1961.  With almost 60 years of Design-Build experience, KCS West offers a single source of responsibility for the design and construction of your project. We can use our own in-house design professionals or team with an outside architectural and engineering firm. Senior level managers will oversee all phases of design and project execution. Using the Design-Build approach, we are able to overlap the design and construction efforts, permitting a significant savings of time, money and achieving the earliest utilization of the facility for a faster return on investment.

Construction Management (CM)

KCS West will represent the Owner for either the design or construction of the project, or both. This method is performed with internal and external design resources depending on the project type and owner preferences. Our CM provides leadership on all matters relating to construction and keeps the project team well informed. The CM establishes and evaluates the project budget and schedule, providing real-time information to the owner. The construction manager reviews and coordinates bid packages, oversees all bidding, writes the contracts for the owner, manages procurement of material and supplies, coordinates work of all trade contractors, monitors conformance to design requirements, provides current cost and progress information as the work proceeds, and performs other construction-related services as required by the owner. We can provide both CM-Multi Prime and CM-Agency services.